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Ameen Acceleration Program

Are you an established manufacturer but don’t know how to certify your products to use in aircraft industry?

The AMEEN accelerator program is designed to demystify the path forward to producing parts for certified aircraft with a focus on producing these parts under the CAO of IRAN oversight.
The best and most successful way to demystify anything in aviation is to open the path for communication.


Are you an inventor always coming up with something new; the vendor marketing; the next great invention; the customer who designed a solution but doesn’t know the next step?
The AMEEN accelerator program will include presentations and discussions and training focused on understanding the CAO of IRAN regulatory structure, as well as the Part 21 and production regulations, guidance and policies.
In addition, the AMEEN will offer ample opportunity to interact with the association staff, CAOIR personnel and other attendees.
The goals of the AMEEN accelerator program are simple and straightforward:  

  • Encourage national self-sufficiency in the production of aerial parts.
  • Encourage the promotion of safety-enhancing technologies.
  • Facilitate and encourage the communications between new aviation entrants and the CAO.IR

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