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Ameen Production Organization

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CAA IRI part 21.F production organization, approved to produce structural parts, interior parts & kits, AD related kits, IFE interface switch and control units, EFB charging and mounting unit, interior and exterior led light, various consumable materials.
With complete workshop facilities, Ameen team offers turnkey production solutions with its design expertise.
All fabricated parts and kits will be released by Form1 approvals. 

Produ​ction Organization Approval

The “CAO IRI Part 21” regulations include procedures for the approval of production without production organizations approval (Subpart F) known as (PWPOA). We hold the letter of agreement from civil aviation organization, that is recognition that a Production Organization fully complies with the requirements of the CAO IRI Part 21 Subpart F, and grants privileges for the organization to manufacture the new products, parts or appliances, and issue the authorized release certificate known as CAO IRI Form 1 for the limited manufactured items in accordance with our capability list.



  • Doublers & Reinforcement plates
  • Structural Modification Kits


  • Cabin sidewall & ceiling LED light
  • Taxi, takeoff & landing LED light
  • Micro Quick Access Recorder Kit Brackets
  • EFB charging & mounting unit
  • USB charging port & switch assembly
  • IFE restraining kit production

metalic parts

  • Brackets & holders fabrication
  • Eletrical brackets & boxes fabrication
  • Galley parts fabrication
  • Data plate fabrication
  • Lavatory parts fabrication

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