In TRAINING@AMEEN we are offering a range of EASA, FAA, and CAO.IR mandatory courses.
All Regulatory and Vocational training courses are carefully formulated to be effective and to help you reach the correct level of understanding in the comfort of your own home or office.
AMEEN E-learning project consists of intuitive & multifunctional Learning Management System (LMS). AMEEN is able to offer a number of tailored services to support our major clients with in-company courses covering internal procedures and “mini” training courses.
The portfolio of available training courses is including all the 145 recurrent training courses, Maintenance Planning and Production Planning, OPS, CAMO and AMO.

Ameen Training Courses

details of aviation part 21 course held by Ameen company training services - aviation courses


Understanding Part 21 is the key for the effective management of the initial airworthiness topics. Part 21 provides a standard for all the EU industries but is well recognized by all foreign industries and Authorities.

A Part 21 general knowledge provides also key information for personnel and Authorities involved in continuing airworthiness management

Ameen aircraft reliability analysis and monitoring program courses held by Ameen training services


Covering the requirements of airworthiness authorities and auditing programs, this course is designed to provide the participants with the fundamental principles, knowledge, and engineering expertise required to model, predict, and evaluate aircraft systems’ reliability and implement a reliability program for maintaining an effective and airworthy maintenance program.